Moving to Olympic
Achievements with Sberbank
Dear friends,
Let us welcome sports fans
at the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi!
The Olympics are the brightest and most long-awaited
sports event capturing the attention of millions of people on the globe
and uniting sports fans worldwide!
Sberbank - the Sochi 2014 General Partner - is proud to be part
of the Olympic history. Our winning the Company of the Year nomination
and getting the Towards the Future - 2013 award for contributing
to sustainable development evidences our achievements in
preparing for the Olympic Games.
Sberbank’s Olympic Contribution
The largest national bank has made it possible for every Russian citizen to let himself feel part of the Olympics in Sochi. As part of its cooperation with the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, Sberbank is successfully implementing its Sochi 2014 coin program and has developed a colorful collection of credit and debit cards.

Every Russian citizen has had a chance to join the Olympic movement by participating in the Green Marathon sports and environmental festival and by visiting the concerts of the Russian-wide RED ROCKS Tour.

Thanks to Sberbank, the Olympic capital can boast a modern banking and payment infrastructure. The Bank has opened new offices in Sochi where its employees are ready to provide top-class financial service for fans and visitors of the Olympics from all over the world.

Sberbank has financially participated in the construction of the Russkiye Gorki ski-jumping complex and the Gorki-Gorod resort in Krasnaya Polyana.
Sochi 2014 Olympic Games Together with Sberbank!
During the Olympic Games we invite everyone willing to come to join the sports festival at Sberbank’s sites in the Olympic Park.
•     Unique Ice Climbing Festival
Everything is possible for you - conquer new summits with us!
•     Stunning Red ROCKs Concerts.
Become inspired with the Olympic spirit - sing the Sochi 2014 Fan Anthem with us.
See you at the Olympic Games in Sochi!

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