Team Spirit

Sberbank Team: Faster! Higher! Stronger!

Sberbank has declared healthy lifestyle and sports as its key corporate values.

“Progress To Achieve” is the motto of the thousands-strong Sberbank team!

Thanks to Sberbank, General Partner of the Sochi Olympics, each employee could become part of the Olympic movement.

Some toed the starting line of the national “Green Marathon” run, others were singing along with the bands at Red Rocks concerts or took part in recording the Sochi-2014 Fans Anthem.

Many employees voiced their support of the national team at ice stadiums and Olympic arenas in Sochi.

The bank’s best specialists served the viewers and participants of the sports competitions in Sberbank’s most innovative offices in the center of the Olympics.

We, the Sberbank Team, like sports and continue striving for new achievements and new heights!

More interesting projects and new victories lie ahead!

Sberbank’s Team

Healthy lifestyle is one of the main corporate values of Sberbank and corporate sport is the most important part of the corporate culture of our team of many thousands. Just in 2011, Sberbank held more than 1200 mass sports events throughout the country involving more than 70 employees. Each day we prove our commitment to healthy lifestyle, we enjoy sports and we are able to achieve excellence in such activities.

"Progress To Achieve" is our team’s motto. Through participation in different sport events, we enhance our professionalism, reinforce our corporate spirit, being eager to never look back striving after even more ambitious goals.