music in the hearts of the Olympics fans!
“The Olympic flame is calling us,
Uniting the world!
We are the history makers,
And our country will make itself heard!”
The words of the national Olympics Fan Anthem have been sung in 37 major Russian cities
to unite the hearts of thousands of sports fans.
During the Olympics, words of the Sochi 2014 Fan Anthem united thousands of sports fans.

Five concerts of the unique Red Rocks Festival took place in Medals Plaza at the heart of the Sochi Olympic park, where the champions and prize winners are celebrated every night.

High quality live sound, special lighting decorations and mind-blowing energy of rock music – the fantastic show that is Red Rocks Festival warmed the hearts of winter sports fans from all over the world.

Cult Russian rock groups and guest stars performed at the same stage as part of the musical marathon. TOKIO, Uma2Rmann, Diana Arbenina and Nochnie Snaiperi (Night Snipers), Brainstorm, Bi-2, Yulia Chicherina, Garik Sukachev and Mumiy Troll – the entire Olympic Park was singing along with them!

Over five days of the Festival, more than 200,000 guests of the Olympic capital expressed their support of the Russian team by performing the main song of the Games – Sochi 2014 Fan Anthem.

Sochi Olympics and Red Rocks are the symbol of records and victories by our champions!
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9 February
13 February
Ночные Снайперы
15 February
17 February
21 February
Мумий Тролль
9 February
13 February
15 February
Therr Maitz
17 February
21 February
Гарик Сукачев

Getting to the concert
1. Get a fan's passport. Registration and issuing
2. Buy an Olympic Park entrance ticket (sold at the gate). Ticket cost: 200 rubles.