Gorki-Gorod: Tons of Impressions

Where age-old forests neighbor picturesque gorges, where the harmony of man and amazingly beautiful nature is especially noticeable, in a the Krasnaya Polyana preserve - this is where you find Gorki-Gorod, Russia’s first resort town with a highly developed infrastructure.

During the Olympic Games, the numerous visitors of the contest will be welcomed at fashionable hotels and designer apartments, exclusive boutiques, excellent restaurants and luxurious spa centers, a multiplex cinema, and a multi-functional shopping mall with a water park and a beach club.

The territory of Gorki-Gorod
will house a mountain
Media Center,

where more than 5,000 media representatives from all over the world will cover the events in the Olympic capital during the Sochi 2014 Games. The resort’s heart is the Gornaya Karusel sports complex, designed to be the center of the sports and cultural life of the year-round resort of Sochi.


  • comfortable and safe family recreation
    to the highest international-level quality standards;
  • a neatly and thoroughly planned world-class innovative
    infrastructure with a rich choice of leisure and business options;
  • situated within walking distance from the key Gorny
    cluster facility - the Russkiye Gorki ski-jumping complex, which will be the Olympics’ venue for the ski-jumping contests and biathlon;
  • a wildlife sanctuary with a unique history.

Visitors and participants of the Olympic Games are welcome to enjoy the maximum comfort and plunge into the Olympic atmosphere in the modern resort town of Gorki-Gorod!